​When we created IVF Treatment Abroad back in 2009, knowing that Ruth’s thirty years of experience in the field of infertility, working in some of the leading institutions in the UK and then working at a clinic in Spain, just as going abroad for medical procedures was becoming more popular, she was forefront in promoting IVF and predominantly egg donation as a real alternative option.

Of course, this started with patients from the UK, but now encompasses most countries where egg donation is no longer anonymous, where particular procedures are not available, or where treatments are prohibitively expensive.

We are not here to find you the cheapest option. We are here to find you clinics that meet our own high personal standards of patient care, with competitive prices and success rates that are comparable to the leading countries in this field.

To meet these requirements, we have selected a small number of clinics within the European Union that we feel can offer the criteria we, and you are looking for.

We would like to make one thing abundantly clear in that we are not “middle men” and we get so frustrated when this gets bandied about. We are an independent family business that is treated as part of the medical team at each of the clinics that we work with, liaising with them about each of our individual patients, coordinating treatment plans, troubleshooting, and supporting them throughout each treatment cycle. Everything you could possibly think of related to your treatment is dealt with by us and the clinic.

There are many clinic directories out there as well as “agencies” that will direct you to a “suitable” clinic. The question that we ask, is would you prefer to have your own fertility specialist that has over 30 years of experience that has personally vetted each of the clinics we work with, working with you to achieve your dream of starting a family, and who will tailor-make your experience to your own individual needs and that will give you the best possible chance of achieving your dreams of becoming parents. Or would you rather pay an agency more than we charge and who do far, far less than we do, to select a clinic they probably have little knowledge about and which might be completely unsuitable for your needs, and will then leave you to get on with it with no backup or support?

You could of course go to a clinic direct, but of course, there are potential problems here as well.

Whilst many clinics have personnel who speak English, this is not their first language and sometimes things can get lost in translation.

They might also assign you a particular coordinator, but this person is unlikely to be medically trained and will only be available during office hours and will not be seven days a week. I on the other hand will be able to make certain medical decisions and I am available out of office hours and will be available seven days a week.

We know that if you are considering traveling abroad for treatment, that you are not going to choose a clinic by sticking a pin in a map and hoping for the best. No. You are going to do hours of research by looking at clinics based on price, what they say their success rates are, and probably most importantly, what other people’s experience of them was like. Lots of clinics develop a “fan club”, but that does not mean that clinic will be right for you as well. Over the years we have had hundreds of patients that have come to us because their chosen clinic could not get them over the finishing line. Our “motto” says it all; “A better alternative, a fresh perspective” and out of those hundreds who have come to us, in many, many cases we have succeeded where their clinic failed and in the majority of those cases the words “I wish we had found you or come to you first” were spoken.

We also hear things such as “I felt that I was on a conveyor belt” or “I was just a number” and our favorite one “I never saw the same person twice”. None of the above should be true, but in reality, this is what happens far more often than it should. This is why when clinics approach us to start a collaboration, we spend hours doing our own research to ensure that they meet our requirements and that their ethos towards patient care is as high a standard as our own. We then build a working relationship to ensure a mutual level of working trust and to establish acceptable protocols and high levels of communication, but sometimes things don’t work out, and if we feel that a particular clinic is not conducting itself to our high standards, it’s prices are no longer what we consider to be competitive, or its success rates have fallen, then we will drop them from our list and find a better one. In the twelve years, we have been established we have made the decision to stop a working relationship with four centres due to the above reasons.

So, now, hopefully, you are asking yourself, what should I do now? Whether this is your first time going abroad for treatment or whether you want a fresh perspective even if you are preparing for another cycle with your current clinic, we suggest contacting us for an initial consultation which usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Even if you are still having some doubts about what we can do for you, just give us fifteen minutes of your time to let us show you that our services can and will work for you.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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