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Ruth Pellow is a specialized Fertility Nurse with more than 33 years of experience in the field. She will be at your service before, during and after the course of the treatment. You will be provided with a detailed treatment plan and advised what to do, when to do it and how, every step of the way.

IVFTA are pleased to announce a new service where you can actually speak to past patients that have travelled abroad for treatment. This will allow you to hear their own experiences first hand and hopefully will be useful to you in helping you decide whether travelling to foreign climes is the right thing for you. These are real people; some of whom have been successful and others that have not. If you think this would be of benefit to you, we will definitely link you up.

Fertility treatments are undertaken in selected clinics that combine high professional levels of services with comprehensive patient care.

Amongst several clinics offering fertility treatments, you will surely find the one that would match your budget. Competitive prices start from 3.000 euros for IVF and 5.000 euros for egg donation.

Donors of most ethnic origins are available at most of the clinics we work with so start times for treatment are very quick.

The IVF Treatment Abroad comprehensive service is provided at a nominal cost and is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ruth will always explain things in easy-to-understand language. She will also be able to respond to your queries quickly as she works longer hours than the clinics and she will be able to make certain clinical decisions regarding your treatment.


Myself and my partner first approached Ruth in January 2022 after she was highly recommended to us by a friend. Due to our age the option of free treatment with the NHS wasn’t available to us but the high cost of private treatment in the UK would also have been a stretch.  I was lucky enough to have a good friend who has two donor egg babies through Ruth’s services, I was left with no doubt that using Ruth’s services was the best option for us. D and B.

Our happy ending? – We now have three beautiful children, and our family is now complete. Looking back, I can safely say we couldn’t have done this without Ruth. She put us at ease every step of the way, explained very thing and guided us through the process. We are eternally grateful to Ruth and her team and I urge anyone who is in a similar position to ourselves to reach out to her, she really did make all our dreams come true. R and T

She gave us all the information to come to our decision about the clinic, with the reassurance that all the clinics she works with have ethical standards and look after the welfare of the donors.  She was next to us for the whole journey making it easy and smooth from start to the trip abroad to the clinic to the magic moment when we learnt we were expecting twins. We warmly recommend her. Giulia B.

In addition to her medical expertise, she gave recommendations on logistics which made it so much easier to book flights & plan the journey. Having her there by my side provided clarity and peace of mind, which I found so valuable while going through fertility treatment, especially in an unfamiliar place. Highly recommend working with Ruth and IVF Treatment Abroad. Thank you! Fiona

We found her so much more knowledgeable than the consultants we had met, and her years of experience immediately shone through in her advice. She held our hands through the whole process, was incredibly reassuring at every stage and made recommendations which I honestly think made the difference between our previous failed cycles (pre-Ruth) and our first successful cycle (first cycle after meeting Ruth). I cannot recommend her highly enough. ‘Charlotte B



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