How do we grab your attention? Really draw your focus to the fact the services we provide are unique, personal, and made just for you. I mean let’s face it, everyone out there is doing their best to sell you “the dream”. Who do you believe and who can you trust to have your best interests at heart. It really is a bloody (expletive watered down) minefield out there.

As a team, I know that what we have to offer is so individual that there is nobody else out there doing what we do, at the price that we do it. But as the person who feels compelled to write about our patients and ourselves, I always feel that I tend to second guess myself in what you want to know and hear. I can’t do anything about what you choose to believe of other companies or clinics, but you can believe and trust in the following.

If you need to consider IVF options outside your own country – contact us.
If you need independence of choice with the above – contact us.
If you need someone with over 30 years of ground roots experience – contact us.
If you want the truth – contact us.
If you need someone 7 days a week – contact us.
If you want a fresh perspective – contact us.
If you need clear explanations – contact us.
If you want or need a shoulder to cry on and to be understood – contact us.
If you have any questions or worries outside of clinical hours – contact us.
If you want to start or continue your family – contact us.

I left this one till last, and there is a reason for that. Your starting or continuing a family is our first priority, and it always will be. It is just that for whatever reason, we are sometimes considered to be a last resort option and this doesn’t always seem fair for us or for you, but we accept it because of who we are and because of what we can achieve on your behalf.

Most of our patients are not first-timers. We truly wish that they were because we could have saved them so much time, stress, and money, but the reality is we don’t fit into that category regardless of the wealth of experience and dedication behind us. As Ruth’s husband and co-director, this annoys the hell out of me, because unless you get to talk to her, you will never get the experience that you deserve. But at the same time, if we weren’t here, who would be.

A slight digression!

I just heard a line on a TV show that said “who wants to find a way to fix the world when all the fixers want it to stay broken”. Regardless of the best intentions and overtures of our world “leaders”, we must all be looking to our own futures. None of us know how long we have to enjoy our lives. Maybe for some, the word enjoy is not applicable on an everyday basis, and I am sorry if that is too dark, but to face any type of darkness head-on is the greatest show of light and strength no matter how small that action might be. I believe that. I have to dig deep sometimes for my own reasons. It hopefully, makes me a better human, a better person, father, and husband.

We know that you dig deep every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day to achieve your dream of becoming a parent, and last or first resort, we are here for you, heart and soul.

There are so many amazing ways to get in touch these days and we are truly here for you. If you are looking at any form of IVF treatment abroad, give us a minimum of five minutes. We almost guarantee that this small amount of time will double, triple, and beyond and will be what you have been looking for.


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