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After 4 failed IVF and 1 IUI rounds with our own eggs, my husband and I had hit a wall. I was close to giving up when a fertility therapist introduced me to Ruth’s services. At first, I was unsure about going down the donor egg route, however I decided to get in touch in with her to understand the process and success stories. Ruth was amazing, right from the introductory call, all the way till conception. She was very warm, kind, reassuring and had a wealth of information. She instantly put my mind at ease, and we decided to proceed. The process was very smooth, she handheld me through the entire process. She was always reachable and available for a chat which was reassuring. We are pregnant with twins, thanks to Ruth. I highly recommend Ruth for couples struggling with fertility. She is just an amazing person, and her warmth and positive energy will fill you with hope. Thank you, Ruth. S

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