Sent to us on 9/9/2021 –

“It still feels surreal that after 5 years of fertility treatment, 3 failed IVF’s and multiple cancelled cycles, I am now finally pregnant for the first time ever… and with TWINS!!!!
Our journey started in 2016 when I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. We initially chose a clinic in Spain, where we had 3 failed transfers. Our treatment in Spain was very disappointing, not only because the transfers failed but also because of the lack of communication and support we received. Also at every point in this journey there was a sales pitch for add on’s and we were so desperate to make this work we naively bought into it all. I then took a break for a few years as it all took a toll on my mental health.

“In Aug 2020, a friend recommended IVF Treatment Abroad. From the very first conversation with Ruth she gave me the reassurance that we can make this work and she just needs to understand my full fertility history to pick the right clinic for me. She picked Iakentro and this was a completely different experience to the one in Spain. There was no sales pitch, just one fixed price for the full treatment. The only person I spoke to throughout my journey was Ruth, she always made herself available whenever I had any questions (and that was often!!), she listened to my recommendations and put them to the doctor for consideration. She was so supportive throughout.

“Ive always had an issue with thin lining and during this treatment, I had multiple cancelled cycles whilst we were trying “new recipes” of medication until we found what worked. I am so grateful to Ruth and Dr Kosta for not pushing a transfer until my lining was perfect… without their persistence to get my lining right and without their expertise and support I don’t think I would be pregnant today.

I was almost ready to give up on the prospect of becoming a mum, but Ruth and Dr Kosta made our dreams come true. ❤️”

– Roopa

​(Permission to use image and name was given by the patient)


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