​Gender selection, sex selection, family balancing…

So many names it is known by but with the one aim: to achieve a pregnancy of a specific sex. There can be many reasons why a patient wants to do this, sometimes for medical reasons and sometimes because they already have children of one sex and would like one of the other.
As a fertility planning and coordinating service, we feel duty bound to try and help anyone who comes to us asking for help and advice on their own particular situation which we will continue to do to the very best of our ability.
We have a couple who are just starting their journey with this treatment. They have two absolutely gorgeous girls and would like to have a boy. They contacted me about a month ago and since then we have put in place all the necessary pre-treatment tests and planned their treatment and, now, they have started their stimulation injections for the IVF.
I think that sometimes people think that the decision to select the sex of a child is selfish and an easy option to achieve what they want, but it is not an easy choice. There is a lot for them to go through to achieve this aim; how strong is that want for a child of a specific sex, and are they aware of exactly what they will have to undergo to achieve this? What can go wrong – and lots can, the biggest being that they find that they have no embryos of the preferred sex but with all the time, energy, emotion and cost outlaid by that point. This type of decision is never straightforward and as with any form of IVF treatment our old friend ‘Stress’ will be lurking nearby.
These are brave people who feel that this is what they want to make their family complete. They don’t have fertility problems and that is something that I am getting used to after all these years of helping patients with fertility issues. Their motivation is from a different direction but no less important to them and it is just as crucial that we as a service support them going through this process and through to whatever the outcome is. Not only is technology for IVF changing, but we and our ideas of it must change with it.
We are really, really good at what we do, so whatever ethnicity you might be, whichever nationality you are and whatever type of relationship you are in or not in, we can accommodate most situations. All you have to do is contact us to find out if we can help you.


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