Today’s blog post is special – we have a Guest Speaker today! Her name is Karen Deulofeu and she is here to talk about fertility mindset and what it is she does!
“Everyone needs that support-even if at first you don’t think you do. Look around. See who’s on your side and in your corner. You don’t have to go it alone.” – Author: Louis Zamperini

We know that our state of mind and emotions can influence many aspects of our lives. We also now understand the impact it can have on our fertility too. It’s such an unfair journey and the cruel twist is that the emotional pain it is causing can be further harming your chances of becoming pregnant too.

Recent research has shown that lowering the level of psychological distress is associated with significant increases in pregnancy rates. Women whose saliva had high level of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that marks stress, took 29% longer to get pregnant compared to those who had less – isn’t that amazing?!

The impact of stress, emotions and our mindset is huge.. and it’s also adaptable. It doesn’t have to be this way. This is NOT YOUR FAULT. We all need to learn and with so many things happening we can easily put our own emotional wellbeing on pause. However, with the right tools and techniques you can put in place a structured way to handle the emotional overwhelm enabling you, step by step, to take back control of your life and fertility journey. The outcome to yourself and your growing family will be huge.

Whether navigating the idea of becoming a parent, struggling to conceive or having a tricky pregnancy – I’m in your corner.

My name is Karen, and I’m a fertility and pregnancy coach.
Using my training and experience I help people undertake one of the most difficult journeys life can throw your way and give you the tools you need to make each step just a little bit easier.

I’m passionate about what I do because I’ve been through it myself.
I had my own fertility struggle that started far before trying to conceive. It was life-changing in so many ways. My aim is to support others going through this journey, to turn it around from the turmoil I experienced first-hand. To live in the wait, not wait to live.

I found the Freedom Fertility Formula and it changed everything. Finally, my life was renewed and I saw things differently. Everything improved as a result as I learnt how to use my emotions as my guide to propel me forward, rather than sabotage my day.

I’m on a mission to support anyone going through a fertility journey including single mothers and LGBTQ+ parents. Whether your first try, or after multiple losses, I’ll help you take back control of your emotions which can enhance your chances of becoming pregnant too. I’m here for you. I also work with those who have decided to stop treatment to help them come to terms with the grief and loss of hope this can bring.

Anybody who feels they need some extra support and advice from a trained professional who understands what they are going through.
Through Lily Ama Coaching, I offer dedicated programmes and one-off sessions for general/specific anxiety (i.e. if nervous before a scan, an EFT session could be useful). My work includes various techniques, including NLP and Hypnosis. to ensure change is made at the core and is lasting.

Together, we will rediscover what brings joy and fulfilment into your life and embark on a new healing journey that enables you to live the life that you deserve.
Sending you love and happiness on your journey, whatever step you’re on.
K xx
Instagram: @fertility_lily.ama

On the Thursday 30th September 2021 at 8pm UK time (10pm Greek time/12pm PDT/3PM EDT), Ruth and Karen will be hosting a room on Clubhouse ( where we will be inviting people to ask questions regarding their fertility journey from both the medical and mindset perspectives.

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