​So, we have decided on what type of donor and from there can determine which clinic based on the next round of options. Fresh or vitrified eggs and embryos.
There is much made about this issue of fresh or vitrified eggs and embryos. ‘Fresh is best’ I hear a lot and for the most part, I would agree BUT there are clinics where their experience and statistics show that there is no difference between the two. Most clinics out there will say that their preference is to create embryos with fresh eggs and partner’s sperm (if using) when possible and so would I, though there are exceptions to the rule. Having the greater choice of donors to choose from is highly advantageous and in this case, a non-synchronized cycle where the donor goes through treatment at a completely different time to the recipient may well be best if the male partner can go to the clinic ahead of time to give a sperm sample for freezing and use. The donor goes through treatment, embryos are created and frozen for future use. This option or even a synchronized cycle where the donor and recipient undergo treatment at the same time and fresh embryos are created and replaced is ideal but if you are travelling from a fair distance (US, Canada, Australia) a non-synchronized cycle is not possible logistically and the concern with a synchronized cycle is the ‘what if’s. What if the donor does not start her period at the expected time so treatment and travel dates have to change at short notice, what if she does not respond to the meds as expected and suddenly there is no donor lined up, what if we get as far as the day of egg collection and there are no eggs collected and by that time you are in the country ready to have your treatment.
I believe this is where vitrified eggs play their part as the reassurance of knowing that the donor has already gone through her bit and the eggs are ready and waiting, is immense. Not all clinics I work with offer this as an option, so it is about listening to what we want to achieve in a treatment cycle and with a clinic that helps me to help you in deciding where to go for treatment. COVID has of course complicated things too so non-synchronized cycles where embryos are frozen or vitrified eggs can give more options if short notice changes need to be made.
This is again a personal choice and by discussing the various options we can work out what is right for you.

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