So here is my first try at blogging! I first had to figure out what a blog should be, and how I should do it and how often. I concluded it can be anything relevant to the subject; in this case, it is infertility and fertility treatment. So, I decided on a mix of ‘day in the life of a fertility nurse specialist’ – of course maintaining patient confidentiality at all times – as well as types of treatments both those I am involved in and others not; issues that patients and the fertility community as a whole discuss and think through that come up in fertility treatment and finally; testimonials that my patients have kindly given me over the years. Some of these testimonials are pages long and so absorbing in their journey telling, while others are short and sweet. I am also open to any subjects that you out there think of and want me to discuss.

Any information given will be from me personally, along with other information I research on certain topics. I won’t claim to know everything as in any occupation you should continue to learn and expand your knowledge as you go along, and I try to always be open to new ideas and thoughts. I have been doing this work for 30 years this year and cannot imagine myself doing anything else as the fulfilment and satisfaction I get from helping others cannot be properly measured. I wish everyone could achieve a positive outcome and I could help them create their family, but we all know it doesn’t work that way as much as we wish it did, so my hope is that I can help everyone have a positive experience as they go down this fertility road.

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