​I had planned to do this conclusion right after we posted the last part of our egg donation series but as some of you may have heard events at home took over with my husband, Simon suffering a mild stroke, admitted to hospital but thankfully back home now and then my daughter and I catching Covid (and not feeling very well with it!). Life has been busy, but we are all getting back on track now.
I have always had this link and attachment to egg donation treatment from those early days through to now. Yes. it has evolved in both the use of identity released as well as anonymous donors as well as the increase in success rates with the advent of blastocyst transfer. The biggest change and the one I am most proud of is its acceptance in fertility treatment. It is talked about; it is seen as an option that can be considered if the use of one’s own eggs is not possible for whatever reason. There is not the same ‘hush, hush’ stigma that was around when I started helping patients undergo this treatment and for that I am very thankful. I think about the hundreds (if not thousands!) of children I have helped come into the world because of this form of treatment and it makes me happy. I see a lot of them grow up as I have remained friends with a lot of my patients and see these children as they pass those first milestones of walking and talking right through to the university students there are now.
Simon has always said that this isn’t just a job to me but a vocation, and he should know after being with me for over 30 years. He was there from the start when I first found out about this type of nursing, went for the interviews, and was offered those first jobs. He has been with me through the ups and downs, the job changes, setting up our company, IVF Treatment Abroad, the pandemic when we had to seriously consider if we would have to stop. I couldn’t have done any of this without him, so I think that I want to make this end of series blog post a thank you to him. Honey, love you lots and let’s try to have another 30 years together!
For those on their fertility journey, just go for it, don’t wait for the right time as that time might never come. If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. You lose nothing in having a chat and ensuring you have the right information to decide what is right for you.

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