​I have been working in the field of fertility treatment for over 30 years and egg donation has been part of that from almost the beginning. In Harley Street first and then as the lead nurse at Bart’s Hospital where I was handed a sheaf of papers and told ‘This is the waiting list for egg donation, sort it out and create a program’ (which I did!), to Spain where there were donors waiting for recipients which I was able to provide using my UK contacts and create a thriving egg donation program again, to now where I help patients decide which clinic or country is best to fulfil their wants and needs in treatment.
Because of all that went before, egg donation has been a passion of mine and is the one treatment we do the greatest proportion of as IVF Treatment Abroad. I have thought for a while that a series of blog posts explaining some of the main decisions that need to be made and we talk through with you on this pathway would be of help for people to see. I am not saying what people should do but providing you with some of the choices that you will need to make along the way.
So, the next 6 blog posts will cover the following:

  1. Egg donation, what is it and who is it helpful for?
  2. Anonymous or identity released; Information provided on the donor.
  3. Fresh or vitrified eggs or embryos.
  4. Choosing a clinic: egg guarantee, embryo guarantee, pregnancy guarantee, stats, costs, location.
  5. One versus two embryos.
  6. Travel in general and travel in these COVID times.

I hope you follow us to read all these as they come out.

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