A recipient’s tale

I feel SO blessed to have my son. You know, I remember when my doctor first started talking about donor eggs. I was devastated. It felt as though someone told me I had cancer, or that I was going to have a leg amputated. I couldn’t imagine anything worse. However, being on the other side…. I can’t believe how much it doesn’t matter. It isn’t possible for me to love this child any more. He’s 100% mine, no matter how he was conceived, or from whom. I know there are so many people struggling with this decision, some feeling that they just can’t go the donor egg route. I’m telling you, once they feel that baby kick, or hold that child in their arms – nothing else matters. I wish I could put them in my life for a day so they could truly see. I wish I could convince everyone who is sitting on the fence with this issue. I have no doubt that some people will miss out on this wonderful opportunity because of the fears they have about donor eggs or sperm. Don´t. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I know that the above might sound overly simplistic, but just think about the simplicity of the situation itself. Is it the egg itself that determines how much we resemble our family members, or is it what happens when we become an embryo and then a fetus during the nine months that we are in the womb. No, the genetic code is not yours if you receive a donor egg, but it is still your child just as surely as if you had decided to adopt a baby, a toddler or even an adolescent. That´s my thinking anyway. Make of it what you will.

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