Oh MY Gosh! Over 30 years of helping couples and single parents to achieve their dream of starting a family. Personally, this is my entire working focus, but I have to include my husband and daughter Emily, not only for supporting me but also for their input in the day-to-day running of the business with their ideas, insights, and technical abilities.

We are a cottage industry so Emily helps on techy stuff (and managing this blog) and my husband Simon, who not only helped create IVF Treatment Abroad, but is also my own personal chef, has just perfected his TGI’s Jack Daniels sauce. None of that bottled rubbish!

Sorry. I digress. The business of going abroad for any form of fertility treatment has grown exponentially over the last twenty years or so and of course, in the beginning, it was all new and attentive and the level of service was very personal. This is as true now as it ever was for any life-saving or life-giving treatment.

In many instances, this will still be the case, but we know for a fact that in many more situations, this is not so. How do we know? Because the patient has told us. “I was a number”. “I was on a conveyer belt”. “I never saw the same person twice”. “It took two days to get a reply to my email”. Two days! That can be the difference between becoming pregnant or keeping a pregnancy. Not only that, I will also have many patients come to me with questions, saying “I’m sorry to bother you, but…”, and I always say the same thing – no matter how small the query is, I am happy to answer anything that will help put your mind at ease. There is no question in this line of work where there are so many emotions involved that can be considered unimportant.

Being a fertility nurse specialist I am in the position of being able to make clinical decisions, help plan your next steps, and continued care which can and will be time-sensitive. The services that we at IVF Treatment Abroad provide are individually tailored to each patient’s needs and we do not agree with the “one size fits all” concept. Add in the fact that we are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year (yes I have taken calls on Christmas day)!

So, here we are. Ready, waiting, and willing to help you, whether it be the start of your journey towards parenthood, or indeed a continued one. Thirty years and counting!

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