Simon Pellow

Husband to Ruth and co-founder of IVF Treatment Abroad

As co-founder of our company I am obviously very proud of the service that we have created. This is a unique service unlike anything else, anywhere and tailor made to your own individual requirements. We strive to make the process as stress free as possible and we achieve this with great success. You only need to read a few of the testimonials to get a clear idea of what our patients feel about us and what they got out of the service we provided (apart from hopefully being pregnant of course!).


Your decision to seek treatment abroad was doubtlessly not taken lightly and you need to feel assured that it was ultimately the right one for you to make. We are convinced this will be the case should you decide to let the IVF Treatment Abroad team assist you.

There are many, many clinics and centres in many different countries out there, at all different price ranges so the choice can be quite overwhelming! Many of these clinics have approached us asking if we would work with them (not the other way around, which is very flattering), but we do not want to dilute the relationships that we have between the clinics we work with and with you the patient. After all, it is you who is the most important factor. Your wellbeing and care are foremost in our minds and intentions. Therefore, we limit the numbers of centres we work with and ensure that they meet the same high standards that we set ourselves.