Ruth Pellow

Fertility Nurse and treatment co-ordinator

My name is Ruth Pellow and I have been a fertility nurse specialist since 1992. My husband Simon is my co-director, and we have one child, our daughter Emily who is now in her 20’s. We also have six dogs; two completely mad, but lovable Spaniels: Lucy and Stanley, and four Greek rescue girls: Maya, Millie, Eve and Dippa.

My first post was as a nurse for 3 years in a fertility clinic on Harley Street, London. This was followed by 9 years as the senior nurse and head of the egg donation programme at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at St Bartholomew´s Hospital in London. I then worked at a fertility clinic on the Costa del Sol before Simon and I set up IVF Treatment Abroad.

I have numerous qualifications including the Royal College of Nursing specialized Fertility Nurse ‘qualification. I regularly attend conferences to maintain and expand my knowledge on current fertility practice, issues and treatments. The number of couples going abroad for treatment has easily doubled in the last few years. This is mainly due to people realizing that there is an alternative option to having treatment in their home country, costs can be competitive, and it does not have to be scary.

I am committed to providing you with the best possible patient care that I can and to try and make the whole IVF process as simple and stress free as possible. You are far, far more than just a patient to me. You are a human being that is going through one of the hardest things it is possible to experience. Your emotions will be in turmoil and your hormones will be raging (and not just from the medications you will be on!), but I will be there as the voice of reason and calm and stability. You only need to read a few of the testimonials to see the positive relationships I have established with my patients.

Most of our couples coming over are looking for egg donation, but more and more are coming for either donor sperm, or treatment using their own eggs and sperm, especially where they want to start treatment quickly, consider additional treatment options such as up to 3 embryos being replaced, or other techniques such as blastocyst transfer and PGS.