Egg donation

This treatment is used when a woman’s ovaries have stopped working or have reduced function due to going into menopause early; undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy, or for women who have not responded to medication while undergoing IVF themselves. Donated eggs come from in most cases anonymous women (Portugal, the UK and Denmark provide eggs from identity-released egg donors) who must have undergone a series of medical tests, and an assessment of their medical history and have given voluntary consent to undergo this procedure. They are normally no more than 30 years of age, and our preference is that a donor has proven fertility as in either has a child themselves or has donated successfully previously. The number of embryos that can be replaced depends on the country you are having the treatment done in but normally, no more than 1 or 2 embryos are recommended.

Coordinating egg donation treatment has been my main skill since being asked to set up a program in Harley Street in 1993, at Bart’s Hospital in 1997 and at a clinic in Marbella when we moved to Spain in 2004. If I was going on Mastermind, I guess this would be my specialist subject!

There is a lot to consider with this treatment and I did a series of blog posts in 2022 which are still relevant today so do take a look: https://www.ivftablog.com/blog/category/egg-donation-series

IVF Treatment Abroad provides Fertility Treatment Care such as Egg Donation and IVF. Many women suffer from infertility issues, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t help out there. One such method of fertility treatment is Egg Donation. There can be many reasons for needing Egg Donation, such as acute menopause, or a woman’s ovaries didn’t properly respond to medications during an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle.

Egg Donation is when a donor gives her eggs to help create a child. This donor has undergone proper medical backgrounds checks, blood testing and has voluntarily agreed to the procedure. All of our egg donors are also “proven” – meaning they either already have a child of their own or have donated successfully and there is an ongoing pregnancy over 12 weeks.

Egg Donation Process 

While it is largely common for egg donors to be anonymous, there are some countries, namely Portugal, the UK, and Denmark among others, there are registered identity-released donors. Most of our donors are under the age of 30; these women are more likely to be proven donors. However, in some countries, donors can legally go up to the age of 35.

Deciding on how many embryos to be put back can be a tricky choice, but each country has regulations on this decision. Some countries limit a transfer to just one or two embryos for the health of the prospective mother.

IVF Treatment Abroad’s Extensive Fertility Treatment Care

We are highly experienced in fertility treatment care, with over 30 years of lifelong experience. In those years, we have established and managed egg donor programs at Harley Street and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, as well as at a clinic in Marbella, Spain. These years of experience and accomplishments ensures that every woman under our care will receive the best possible care during and after their treatment. We offer proper coordination and support throughout the entire process, as well as the best possible chances to ensure that you end up with a baby in your arms.