Oh Ok. Make it a double!

Apologies it’s taken us so long to get round to writing this, initially we didn’t wish to tempt fate and then our new arrivals took our full attention.  

We cannot thank Ruth and her team enough for everything they did for us throughout our journey. After several unsuccessful IVF attempts in the UK and deciding our only viable option was to proceed with donor eggs we registered with our local clinic, paid a very high fee for the privilege of being added too their registry with no guarantee of a donor or timescales! A chance comment by a stranger about a friend who had IVF success abroad brought us together back at the end of 2014. I came home and googled donor eggs abroad and after looking on several forums one name kept making an appearance….Ruth’s.

As luck would have it the fertility show was on in London and I noticed Ruth and her team were attending so we decided to make the long journey down to further our investigations and were blown away by the scale and opportunities out there which until a couple of days previously were completely unknown to us. We ventured to Ruth’s stall and managed to have a quick 5 minute chat with her at the start of the show. On our return to chat more she was surrounded by so many people, we chatted briefly with a previous client who couldn’t speak highly enough of her and set off home.

The 5 minute chat was all we needed to decide to we wanted to move forward with Ruth. Nothing was a problem and it was this attitude that made her stand out and us believe we could have a real chance here. We emailed her immediately and from that moment on it was all systems go, it felt totally amazing after months of no progress in the UK and not even a glimmer of things in the near future! With her help we completed all our tests over the next few weeks and decide we wanted to go to Athens for treatment.

The end of January was a good time for us and amazingly everything just fell into place, a donor was identified, flights and hotel were booked we couldn’t believe it we had a date! Arriving in Athens on election night was memorable, Ruth arranged a pick up from our hotel on the Monday morning to the clinic, my husband did his thing and we were sight seeing and enjoying the city by lunchtime. The sun was shining and we got to explore the gorgeous city for 5 days with daily updates from Ruth.

We then travelled out of the city as we’d arranged to stay  at an apartment close to Ruth’s home for 5 days. She travelled with us to the clinic on transfer day, the embryo’s were selected we got to see pictures and then the transfer took place, it was unlike anything we’d experienced in the UK so relaxed but so professional. After a short rest we returned to Ruth’s where I stayed and relaxed for a few days on my own after my husband returned for work.

Back home it was such a nervous wait, I convinced myself we had been unsuccessful so when I got a positive result we were over the moon. We had a reassurance scan at 7 weeks and discovered we were expecting twins! The pregnancy progressed well after an early scare,no morning sickness, no heartburn etc but with carrying twins we never really believed it was really happening until our sons safely arrived at nearly 37 weeks.

Throughout we kept in touch with Ruth she was always there for us, reassuring us, offering advice and still answering any questions we had. Our boys have just turned 8 months, its been an incredible time and we owe everything to Ruth and her team. We cannot recommend them highly enough, if you are about to embark on similar journey you will be in safe hands!