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IVF Treatment Abroad is the premier service for couples and single women who are looking at having egg donation, IVF own eggs and most other forms of IVF treatments. We work with three IVF clinics in Spain, three clinics in Greece and one IVF clinic in the lovely city of Tirana in Albania.

Patients come to us from all over the world including Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Germany, America, France, South Africa and America as well as many others. This is testimony to the high levels of service that we offer and provide, as well as the excellent IVF success rates and patient care that the small clinics we work with provide.

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Get in touch with the team at IVF Treatment Abroad if you want to speak to us about Artificial Insemination and co-ordinating your IVF treatment abroad using the form below. Feel free to also contact us for more information on the IVF Process, IVF Treatment, IVF Cost, IVF Clinics, IVF Epigenetics and Egg Donors or anything else IVF related.

Why Go Abroad for IVF Treatment?

Some of the advantages of IVF Treatment Abroad:

  • English speaking staff.
  • No waiting lists.
  • IVF success rates comparable to anywhere in the world.
  • Available 7 days a week, all year round at no extra cost.
  • Your own IVF fertility specialist coordinating your treatment.
  • Highly rated IVF and Egg Donation clinics in Greece and Spain.
  • One to one egg donors with proven IVF fertility.
  • Qualified in IVF since 1992.

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IVF Treatment Abroad Testimonial

Claudia's Story

In March 2014 I got into an egg donation program with a clinic in Spain. I’m from Germany and here, unfortunately, ED is forbidden by law.

It took me some month to find that clinic by searching the internet for recommendations, statistics and all those stuff everybody in my situation will know about… They presented with good numbers, high success rates and acceptable prices, so we chose that clinic. We had a coordinator, with whom we corresponded by email and who gave us all the instructions. The doctors that she referred to when answering our questions were always different ones, which made me wonder how much they might now about our special case and how individual such a treatment could be...

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FAQs On IVF Treatment?

Frequently Asked Questions on IVF Treatment Abroad.

Q: What do I get from IVF Treatment Abroad?

IVF Treatment Abroad would like to start by saying, that at no time do we ask you for any kind of payment from yourselves. The website has been created, purely to let you know that there are alternatives to having treatment in Canada and that it need not be any more stressful in going abroad to get that treatment. On the contrary, we think that you will find the whole experience a lot less stressful than you might think. We are not promoting or favouring any one clinic. As we have already said, the site is here to help raise awareness of the fact that there are other options open to you, and to recommend the one we feel will benefit you the most.

Q: How quickly can I have my first IVF consultation?

An initial consultation can often be arranged within a week or two's notice at most IVF clinics.

Q: How quickly can I start IVF treatment abroad?

IVF treatment using own eggs and either partner or donor sperm can be started immediately after being seen for an initial consultation. Treatment using donor eggs is determined by the individual needs of the couple and waiting times are routinely between 1 and 6 months, considerably less than in Canada.

Q: What are the IVF success rates for treatments abroad?

The success rates are as good as anywhere else in the world including America. In fact we have treated couples who have come from the States after having had treatment there with no success, only to have them come here and be successful! IVF success rates will vary from clinic to clinic just as it does in Canada.

Q: What is the IVF cost? How much is IVF?

The cost of IVF treatment abroad is often cheaper than in the Canada and dependant on what treatment is needed, no waiting time to start.

Q: How long do I need to be abroad for during my treatment?

If undergoing IVF with your own eggs then a stay of 9 to 10 days is advised while for an egg donation treatment, a stay of 7 days is best.

Q: Will flying after embryo transfer affect my chances of success?

No, we have had women fly home even on the day of their embryo transfer and been successful.

IVF Treatment Process & Cost

IVF Process

First of all, any information that you give us during the IVF Process is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality, with all details being sent via a secure server.

We will ask you to fill out a pro-forma which details all the information that we will need to know to be able to start planning a cycle of treatment for you. This includes things such as your own characteristics, blood groups, height, eye colour etc. We will also need to know of any past treatment cycles undertaken. A completed pro-forma will be your authorization for us to pass your details on at the appropriate time.

All the information will be reviewed and a suitable IVF clinic and course of treatment recommended. We will personally be seeing you through each stage of the process once a clinic has been decided upon. This includes organising your treatment dates and a plan of action to follow, medications request, letter to a Canadian doctor or foreign pharmacy as requested, guidance on where to go to get any investigations done prior to and during treatment, e-mail support throughout your treatment cycle, phone contact when needed will also be provided.

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IVF Treatment Abroad Clinics & Egg Donors

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