When do you call it a day?

In 2016 I had tried to conceive a sibling for my child for approximately 4 year and time was running out. We have had 3 miscarriages, unsuccessful own egg IVF cycles my age was rapidly progressing and the quality of my eggs declining. My husband was adamant, one more cycle and then we will need to give up, he wasn’t prepared to keep going indefinitely, both our hearts were broken. So I had to make the choice that was more likely to give me a baby at the end of the cycle. I won’t lie, it was not an easy journey deciding to use a donor egg and I ended up talking to many people who have done this before, including people with ‘mixed families’ i.e. own egg child as well as donor egg child. I also had counselling, which helped me understand I had to grieve the loss of my own fertility before I could move on.

When I found out about Ruth I was delighted. Not only she helped the decision answering a myriad of questions. But here was somebody really experienced to guide through a really tricky process selecting the clinic to making important choices as regards to the donor the clinic recommends. To have her on our side I think it’s what made this work so far. Ruth was there with consultations, with advice all the way through responding promptly and always offering a really valuable take on things. Her knowledge of clinics here in the UK made the cycle super smooth as I could do all my tests here and only had to travel for embryo transfer which is great as I have a little one in school and we kept disruption to a minimum. She also put me in touch with other moms of donor egg babies so that I could talk to them and their experience.

We did one cycle in Spain and ended up having a frozen embryo transfer as consultant could not transfer first time round due to a blockage in my womb. I was very upset at the time about not being able to do a fresh transfer. But Ruth was amazing, she organised a dummy transfer in the UK so I could be sure to find out where the problem was. Thanks to this I avoided a costly hysteroscopy. She also liaised with the clinic on my behalf sorting out dates and timings of medications so precisely I could safely attend my son’s nativity and travel the following day! Second time round that I went to Spain, embryo transfer was successful and I am now 12 weeks pregnant so fingers crossed we will end up having a baby at the end of this process. The clinic she helped us pick was also amazing in terms of their embryology and their success with single embryo transfers.

I could not recommend Ruth enough her commitment and passion are fantastic and to have that support during a challenging and emotional time is so precious.

Good luck to everybody!


February 2016

Infinite Hope Diary


In 2007 myself and my husband started trying to conceive with no success. By July 2010 and two failed IVF cycles later we were told that our only options were egg donation or adoption, which was devastating news. After a long painful year and some very helpful counselling we came around to the idea of egg donation and began to look seriously at this option. In 2011 we were lucky enough to have a beautiful baby boy through egg donation.  In 2016 we were doubly blessed with the birth of a baby girl through egg donation. I have included some excerpts from my diary below to share this journey with you.   

Date: 02/01/2008

Back to work tomorrow and boy am I going to change things, no more really long weeks hopefully! Lots more delegating (definitely), and one hour lunch books (yum).  Hopefully in the next couple of months I can get pregnant, this stuff really takes time.  It’s strange you spend half your life trying not to get pregnant and all of a sudden you are trying to get pregnant.  Although it has only been six months, so I am not yet worried about it, it would be nice for us and make my husband so happy.  So, no drink, no ibuprofen, eating well and moderate exercise all the way for me now, god I am going to be so healthy!! Roll on 2008!!

Date: 13/06/09

‘’Poem from an infertile woman to the rest of the world’

Please do not call me bitter, when I do not want to hear,

About your child, your niece, your nephew or grandchild you hold dear.

It’s just that I may never have those memories that you treasure.

My childs laugh, their hugs, those wonderful simple pleasures.


Please do not call me angry, if I seem to lose the plot.

When I see a child ignored, unloved, insignificant like a dot.

It is just so hard to understand, why I cannot be a mum.

When I promise to love and cherish children and never leave them numb.


Please do not call me a failure, because I cannot reproduce.

This failure is so hard to take, ands feels like a too tight noose.

I’m sorry if there are times that I seem moody and quite sad.

It’s just that another month has passed and my loving husband will still not be a Dad.


I beg you all to never joke, about me expecting a baby.

When I simply do not want a beer, or have a tummy bug maybe.

I plead with you all, to never ask me, when I will join the club.

When deep within my heart of hearts I feel we may never have a cub.


For those of you who have a child, please love and treasure them dearly.

Even on those difficult days when your efforts leave you weary.

For those like me, who have to live with this loss, this grief, this pain.

I truly believe there’s always a plan, and none of our lives are ever in vain.


Date: 16/06/2009

We had our first consultation today for our first IVF cycle. For me it was not good, my husband is much more positive, but I now believe it will not work for us. I have a very low ovarian reserve, which in my mind indicates poor egg quality. Normal AMH levels are 15 to 48, mine are 4.0 !. I now believe that doing the IVF is just an exercise in having no regrets, but I really do not believe it will achieve anything for us. I have decided to take some time out and not put myself into social situations that will upset me, i.e. hearing about other people getting pregnant, peoples kids etc. I feel this is the only way I can cope right now, and wonder will I ever feel normal again. I feel so crap and just want to hide away for the next couple of years until all this is over and I am okay with being infertile. I hope to god this gets easier, all I can do right now is hide from the world.

Date: 07/08/2010

Still hiding, still sad, still heart broken. I am no longer me, I feel like a zombie, like a walking dead infertile barren woman. We did two cycles of IVF and though we got to transfer stage they did not work as my eggs were too poor quality wise, as I strongly suspected. It’s strange to wake up every day and go to sleep every night feeling heart broken, I keep thinking I can take no more and yet I continue robotically through my excuse of a life. I am not me anymore, I feel like I have been body snatched by a big black cloud, my poor husband must hate being around me and yet he is so kind and loving to me, even though I have failed him completely. If only he had never met me, I wish he had fallen in love with someone else and had a lovely family with them, he is such a good person, he deserves that. I could explode with sadness and yet there are times I cannot cry anymore. I am numb yet I hurt so much, my heart physically hurts so much, it’s like a constant dull ache in my chest. I am worried that I have lost myself for good. I do not know if I will really and truly laugh again, smile again. I do not remember how to have fun anymore, I feel dead. But I am not dead because I am in so much pain. Right now pain is the only thing keeping me alive. It seems like there is a normal world where families do normal things together like shop and go to the park, and I am outside looking through a glass at this world, trying to figure out why I cannot be normal. I feel invisible like a ghost walking through a crowded room. I do not know how much more pain I can take, the longer I am in pain the more I feel my life force slip away. I am beginning to feel like I have nothing left. 

Date: 11/10/2010

I am afraid of hope, I am afraid to trust myself to hope. I want to hope but I fear the rollercoaster. I want to hope that egg donation will work for me and my husband, but if it does not, then I do not know if I can recover from that. I read on the internet that it generally takes infertile couples two to five years to accept that they cannot have children. I think it is easy to write statistics, but a hell of a lot harder to feel your way through being one. I want to have children, I do not want to accept that myself and my husband cannot have a family. But the problem is that I am afraid to hope and also afraid to not hope. Maybe we will finally be lucky, maybe not. I have to give this my best shot, I have to figure out why I am so tired all the time, when did it start and what triggers it. Maybe the mental pressure is showing physically, maybe it is the start of an early menopause. Maybe I am going crazy, I do not know.

Date: 20/02/2011

I am pregnant with a beautiful strong healthy baby, I cannot believe how lucky we are. I am so happy, I am so in love with this amazing baby. We had a scan just over a week ago and we could see their little arms and legs moving, and even their little mouth moving, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I will never forget it, and then we got to hear their heartbeat, an incredible 134 beats per minute. It was amazing hearing our little babys heartbeat. We have only just told all our family and they are so happy for us, especially after it being so difficult for us to have a baby. I will be eternally grateful to that wonderful woman in Madrid who donated eggs to us so that we could have a baby. I will always think of her with love and wish her every happiness. I never thought I would be eleven and a half weeks pregnant like this. I am so looking forward to holding our gorgeous little baby in September I am so excited about meeting and getting to know this little person inside me. My husband has been so amazing for the last twelve weeks (and more !)  even through our six week scare he has been so strong. I am so lucky to be married and in love with such an amazing man. He is going to be such a kind, loving & wonderful Dad. I am so happy that he is finally getting his chance to be a Dad, and what a Dad he will be. I think all the pain and sadness we have been through before this has now finally been worth the wait. I think this special little person inside of me is meant to be a part of our lives and only this path would have brought us together. This really feels like the rainbow after the hurricane. All our extended family have been so supportive through all of this and all now seem really excited too about this special little person, there is a lot of people looking forward to meeting this gorgeous baby, but none more than me and their Dad.

Date: 19/08/2011

Healthy baby boy born, weight 6lbs and 12 ounces !!!!!

Date: 04/12/2015

Hello Baby !!!, I hope you are very happy in my tummy and having lots of fun swimming around in there. I am your mum Siobhan, your Dad is a lovely kind man called Ger, and most importantly you have a lovely very kind older brother who is four years old, he is very excited about becoming a big brother to you !!!. We are all very happy to have you in our lives and are really looking forward to meeting you when you are born. We are very lucky to have you in our lives as we had to go to Spain to have you via IVF with egg donation. We are very lucky that a very kind lady in Spain gave us some eggs so that we could have you. I will never get to meet that lovely lady but I know she must be a very kind special lady to help us like that. We love you lots and lots little baby and so look forward to meeting you. I hope you have a very happy time in my tummy, lots and lots and lots of love, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date: 18/06/2016

Healthy baby girl born, weight 8lbs and 9 ounces !!!!!

And Finally:

To be faced with infertility is a very difficult and painful cross to bear, and as with many situations in life I think you have to personally experience it to fully understand the trauma it causes. For me and my husband egg donation was the right choice for us and has brought us a lot of happiness.  But I fully appreciate that people need to handle infertility in a way that is right for them, whether that be by doing further treatments, having a child via surrogacy, adopting a child, fostering a child or quite simply accepting their circumstances.  To anyone reading this and living with the reality of infertility I wish you peace whatever path you take. Also, I applaud you all for being so strong and brave, you may not think right know that you are such an amazing person, but take it from me, to live with infertility day after day, and still get up and face the world every day takes immense courage.  If I can be of any help to anyone considering egg donation, please do not hesitate to contact me through Ruth. After all the happiness egg donation has brought us, it would be my pleasure to help others feel that same happiness. Both Ruth and Procreatec in Madrid went out of their way to make us feel comfortable during every step of the process, not only did they make it possible for us to have a family but they did it in a way that felt like a big comforting hug !!!!.



Alec’s Arrival

We are Gabriela, and Mihai, proud parents of Alec (9 months now). Our story may be common, but is full of meaning for our blessed family. By the time me and Mihai found each other, the bad news came as a dark monster: I couldn’t procreate, as I came to a “sudden menopause”, as my gynecologist calls it. I was only 41 and could not accept the fact that I will not be pregnant, like never. We considered along the way to adopt, but still I felt the great need to bear a child.

Initially we tried only with ovarian stimulation, for several months, with a lot of echo’s, medication and a lot of hopes vanished. The hardest part was the negative result, not the injections or the run to and from gynecologist office. Then, we decided to try egg donor and first we went to a clinic in the Czech Republic, but the result there was negative, as well.

With our hearts sinking and with our pockets almost empty by now, we decided to have one last try, and we searched for someplace else. And we found Ruth Pellow, Fertility Nurse Specialist & Co-director of IVF Treatment Abroad. And everything started from there. She advised, guided, explained, helped us throughout the whole process of transforming us into 2 unbelievably happy parents. With her guidance we choose among several clinics in Greece the one that best suited our needs, and afterwards I had no worries regarding medication, investigations, timelines, appointments, I simply emailed her and I have the answer.

We felt at home at the clinic and even though the first implant had a negative outcome, as we had 2 more frozen embryos we tried as we felt to be our very last chance and… we wish to all of you waiting, to feel the same joy as we did when the analysis came and I was pregnant. The continuous care that I experienced from Ruth, until delivery, the warmth she is expressing with every word and gesture is remarkable and it is what pushes me to write these words as a token of our gratitude for all her kind care and availability, for her professionalism and also of the entire team at the clinic.

Looking back at our interesting journey I wish that we could have met her and the team she’s working with sooner, and I feel that our marvelous result could have been achieved less stressful.  I do hope that everyone that read my words will achieve their happy ending (or beginning), but it definitely matters how you get there.


A Canadian success story

Let me start with the good news…it took us 5 years but we finally have a beautiful daughter named Gabriela. Our journey started in 2010 when my husband Michael and I decided it was time to start a family. After one year of trying without any success, we decided to visit a fertility clinic here in Montreal (Canada). We both passed multiple tests and were finally told that Michael was fine. However, I had a low ovarian reserve and therefore should move forward with artificial insemination. Our first try worked but unfortunately we lost the baby at 2 months of pregnancy. The next few tries did not work.

We then moved on to IVF and for a period of 3.5 years, we did multiple attempts of non-stimulated and stimulated IVF treatments without any success. We had multiple miscarriages and no one could provide an explanation as to why.

Our doctor proposed looking into egg donation. In Canada it’s quite uncommon and you need to find your own donor which was not an option for us. Since Michael is Greek, we started searching for fertility clinics in Greece and fell upon Ruth’s website. We were quite skeptic and uneasy about the whole idea of using someone else’s eggs but then again, we really wanted to have a child. With this in mind, we contacted Ruth and had our first web meeting that same week. We covered all the basics and Ruth was more than helpful, provided all the necessary information and definitely put us at ease. She fully understood that it was difficult for us and made sure that the whole process was as easy as possible.

She proposed 2 clinics and during a 3 week vacation in Greece, we decided to visit the Iakentro Fertility Clinic in Athens. We liked what we saw, the staff were great and the doctor took time to review our file, explain the process and start us up with different tests. He also sent us to a genetics clinic that specializes in infertility (Locus Medicus) which I strongly suggest.

Once we decided on the clinic, all future communication was done through Ruth. Within about 2 weeks she found a suitable donor and started the process. There are no words that can express how grateful we are to have found Ruth.  I speak with absolute honesty when I say that she is responsible for making our journey as easy as possible and ensuring that we attained our ultimate gold to fall pregnant and have a child. She was always available and usually responded to our inquiries on the same day or at the latest the following day. She coordinated all events, interpreted tests results and ensured that once in Greece, we had all the support we needed.

Our first treatment was not successful so for the next one, Ruth proposed to try PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) where they take several cells from the day 5 embryos and screen them for genetic defaults. This enabled them to find 1 embryo without any default and that is the one they transferred. The best news or our lives came 2 weeks later when we were told that it had finally worked and we were pregnant. On December 7, 2016 Gabriela was born, a perfectly healthy baby.

For those of you who may have doubts about egg donation, I assure you that it’s so worth it. I had the same concerns and worried that she would not look like me but once I saw my baby for the first time, everything was forgotten. I can’t imagine my life without her.

Your own UK fertility specialist

Hi everyone.

As most of you will probably know, if you attend one of our specially selected clinics in either Spain or Greece the services we provide cost you nothing. This service includes full coordination, planning, support and general hand holding with your own personal fertility specialist who is available to you 7 days a week. Also provided are detailed, easy to understand treatment plans with additional backup such as home delivery prescriptions for medications as well as a network of centers where scans and tests can be carried out.

However, we understand that some patients might have a clinic in mind that is in foreign climes that we do not have a collaboration with, but who would feel more comfortable having a UK fertility specialist offering all of the above services throughout their treatment cycle. We would be delighted to provide all of the above but we would have to make a charge and we would seek approval of our services from your chosen clinic prior to any payment from you. We have set this at a minimum of 250 pounds. We say minimum as you can pay more if you felt the service was worth it.

Just an initial consultation with a clinic or center in the UK could be between 100 & 250 pounds and you might also be charged a registration fee on top of that. This varies between 250 to 600 pounds!

Everyone says fee/cost transparency and their are no definites

It might not be widely appreciated but there are many man (women hours in our case) that go into getting you from A to B. It is an intensive and focused process tailored to your own individual medical and emotional needs and requirements. There are never any guarantees of success, but we will do everything in our power to try and get you to the point of fulfilling your dreams.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Incredibles

Whilst I am writing this I still have not been able to come up with a title for this piece. Hopefully something will come up as I go along. The anticipation is killing me, so it had better be good! If you see a title it did come after the composition.

What is this piece about you may be asking yourselves. Just the most enlightening, heart rending, satisfying, soul searching, sad and joy filled experiences I have the opportunity to partake in two days of the year outside of my normal life.

I speak about the Fertility Show in London where I get to meet the most incredible people who are either taking their first steps towards creating a family or indeed those that are coming towards the end of their journey. Time and time again I am astounded by the resilience of these people. Stick them on a battlefield and they would be victorious; and indeed for the majority it is just that, a battlefield. Yet many, many prevail; they win their battle. I know that in the majority of cases it is with our support.

Whilst my wife Ruth has decades of knowledge and experience that many in her field as a fertility nurse specialist would die for, she has not lost the desire or passion to connect with patients on a personal level, many of whom are now close friends or volunteers who are willing to give up their time to share their personal experiences with complete strangers who visit the stand. I am in awe of anyone who is able to divulge their fears and hopes, successes and failures to someone they have just met. Thank you peeps! You know who you are and how much more successful you make the exhibition for us as well as inspiring the people that you speak to.

From the point of view of a 50+ year old bloke (me), it is not always easy to get the information that will help Ruth either in a personal consultation or with a follow up call. The girls are obviously always more comfortable speaking to girls. So you can imagine how privileged and saddened I was when two years ago a twenty something year old who was at the show with her mother told me that because of some weird genetic aberration she had been born without a womb.  This is obviously something that she had lived with all her life and something of an extremely personal nature, yet for her to be able to impart this to me was astounding and I felt honored that she felt comfortable enough to be able to divulge such an intimate part of her life to me. Thank you to that young lady. I hope that you are happy and well and I truly hope that your dreams whatever they might be come true.

That is just one true encounter among many, many others that have affected those of us who participate in promoting our services at the show (which are free by the way). This year I spoke to a couple who had just tested negative from a UK cycle a week or so before coming to Olympia. A raw emotional scar for them, yet they were still strong enough to want to see what options and advice they could garner to help them in the future. Obsessive; No. They are brave and committed to having a child that they can love and nurture.

If my reading audience will allow me to generalize for a moment, none of our lives are as straightforward or as simple as we would like them to be. To a certain extent we are all a little mixed up and from time to time lose our direction in life. Sometimes we crave to re-live parts of our childhood or adolescence, whether this be holidays or from hearing snippets of a song that either makes us cringe or makes us feel happy or sad and just sometimes screams where did life go. Life is there, ready to be embraced and accepted for all its hardships, joy and flaws. Like most people I have had to deal with life; not always as well as I would have liked, but we strive to be better and we fight for our dreams to become reality. None more so than the kind of people that attend the fertility show in search of the answers to their wishes.

Simon Pellow

Co Director, IVF Treatment Abroad




Oh Ok. Make it a double!

Apologies it’s taken us so long to get round to writing this, initially we didn’t wish to tempt fate and then our new arrivals took our full attention.  

We cannot thank Ruth and her team enough for everything they did for us throughout our journey. After several unsuccessful IVF attempts in the UK and deciding our only viable option was to proceed with donor eggs we registered with our local clinic, paid a very high fee for the privilege of being added too their registry with no guarantee of a donor or timescales! A chance comment by a stranger about a friend who had IVF success abroad brought us together back at the end of 2014. I came home and googled donor eggs abroad and after looking on several forums one name kept making an appearance….Ruth’s.

As luck would have it the fertility show was on in London and I noticed Ruth and her team were attending so we decided to make the long journey down to further our investigations and were blown away by the scale and opportunities out there which until a couple of days previously were completely unknown to us. We ventured to Ruth’s stall and managed to have a quick 5 minute chat with her at the start of the show. On our return to chat more she was surrounded by so many people, we chatted briefly with a previous client who couldn’t speak highly enough of her and set off home.

The 5 minute chat was all we needed to decide to we wanted to move forward with Ruth. Nothing was a problem and it was this attitude that made her stand out and us believe we could have a real chance here. We emailed her immediately and from that moment on it was all systems go, it felt totally amazing after months of no progress in the UK and not even a glimmer of things in the near future! With her help we completed all our tests over the next few weeks and decide we wanted to go to Athens for treatment.

The end of January was a good time for us and amazingly everything just fell into place, a donor was identified, flights and hotel were booked we couldn’t believe it we had a date! Arriving in Athens on election night was memorable, Ruth arranged a pick up from our hotel on the Monday morning to the clinic, my husband did his thing and we were sight seeing and enjoying the city by lunchtime. The sun was shining and we got to explore the gorgeous city for 5 days with daily updates from Ruth.

We then travelled out of the city as we’d arranged to stay  at an apartment close to Ruth’s home for 5 days. She travelled with us to the clinic on transfer day, the embryo’s were selected we got to see pictures and then the transfer took place, it was unlike anything we’d experienced in the UK so relaxed but so professional. After a short rest we returned to Ruth’s where I stayed and relaxed for a few days on my own after my husband returned for work.

Back home it was such a nervous wait, I convinced myself we had been unsuccessful so when I got a positive result we were over the moon. We had a reassurance scan at 7 weeks and discovered we were expecting twins! The pregnancy progressed well after an early scare,no morning sickness, no heartburn etc but with carrying twins we never really believed it was really happening until our sons safely arrived at nearly 37 weeks.

Throughout we kept in touch with Ruth she was always there for us, reassuring us, offering advice and still answering any questions we had. Our boys have just turned 8 months, its been an incredible time and we owe everything to Ruth and her team. We cannot recommend them highly enough, if you are about to embark on similar journey you will be in safe hands! 

The power of professionalism

In December 2015 we undertook treatment at a clinic abroad, however the service didn’t meet our expectations and we were left feeling lost and not sure what to do next. We even saw our GP however they were unable to help us.

It was then I came across ivftreatmentabroad website and we felt this is what we’ve been looking for. From the very first moment Ruth has been fantastic she is a lovely lady, very helpful, knowledgable and informative in her field. We received information on the clinics Ruth worked with and instinctively knew that Newlife was the place for us.

This good feeling was only enhanced when we arrived at Newlife and met Chrysa, another lovely lady, and all the team. Everyone was so friendly and we were made to feel special and not just run of the mill customers. As a result of our treatment we are currently 13 weeks pregnant! Newlife is a totally professional setup, in a country close to our heart. Due to the location we also got a two week holiday in the sun ☀️
If you’re considering treatment abroad then Ruth is the ideal person to assist you in your journey. She will be with you every step of the way!! You too could be looking forward to welcoming a new addition to your family x

Mr & Mrs F.

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So if you feel we are worth promoting in this way, please go to www.trustpilot.com and type in www.ivftreatmentabroad.com in the box that says “search for websites” and write your review. Of course, you can make up a name or just use one of your initials and the email address is not published anywhere.

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An American success story!

Where to even begin?  When I explain to others that Brian and I went abroad from America to Greece to do IVF, their first question is “why?”  My immediate response is because Ruth is phenomenal.  There really is no other word to describe her and the process that we went through.  A year ago we were just beginning IVF and now we have an awesome baby boy!  Let’s start from the beginning.

We first heard about IVF Treatment Abroad from an infertility conference.  To say we were a bit apprehensive is an understatement.  We obviously didn’t want to get scammed, but we really didn’t have the money to do IVF in the states.  Our thought process was that we could do the IVF here and hope for the best, or we could go abroad and do IVF and even if it didn’t work, at least we would get a vacation out of it.  But it was not an easy road to get there.  We had so many bumps along the way to even start the process such as getting shingles, financial crisis in Greece, meds being held up in customs, starting the cycle four days early, flight delays, etc…it seemed like pretty much everything was going wrong but the great thing was that Ruth was there as a support.  She walked us through every step, every mishap, and encouraged us to keep going.  Ruth is not just a nurse that facilitates the whole process, but she is the foundation of your journey and rock to lean on.

Once we got to Greece, it was beautiful, smooth sailing!  Kosta was a great doctor and explained what he was doing the whole time. The clinic was very clean and all of the doctors were very professional.  The egg retrieval went well and I liked that we got an update on how the embryos were doing each day.  The transfer was great as well.  We used our own eggs/sperm.  It was great to have Ruth there as a resource through the whole thing because I had borderline OHSS and so having her there to help explain the symptoms I was feeling was a huge help.  She was very reassuring.  But the awesome thing about this process is that she continues to be a support system even when you are back home.  She kept up with us via social media and email to make sure all was well.  I had complications early on as a result from the OHSS and she would check in and make sure I was doing okay.  Now she gets to see pictures of my little one and watch him grow!

We are so beyond grateful for Ruth and IVF Treatment Abroad.  It is impossible to say in words how amazing our experience was.  With all of the complications we had, our IVF experience could have been a disaster, but because of Ruth’s dedication to making her patient’s experience nothing but the best, it was one of the best times of our life.  We highly recommend IVF Treatment Abroad!