FAQ IVF Treatment Abroad

Q: What do you get from IVF Treatment Abroad?

IVF Treatment Abroad charges a fee of 250 euros which is payable for each fresh cycle, so no additional fees for organizing frozen transfers, or if your cycle has to be postponed, for any reason, the reorganising of your cycle. With everything that we do for you, (see below) we hope that you will agree this is great value for money. We have taken part of the hard work away by carefully choosing a small number of select clinics that share our own aims and ethos towards patient care. You will have your very own English personal fertility specialist (me) available to you seven days a week all year round, using all of my 30 years of experience in trying to help you achieve your ultimate dream. I will be providing support along with treatment plans, arranging prescriptions for medications, recommending places in the UK that you can go to for scans or tests, making appointments for you at your chosen clinic or just being a shoulder to cry on should you need that as well. The website has been created, purely to let you know that there are alternatives to having treatment in the UK and that it need not be any more stressful in going abroad to get that treatment. On the contrary, we think that you will find the whole experience a lot less stressful than you might think.

Q: How quickly can I have my first IVF consultation?

An in person initial consultation can often be arranged within a week or two’s notice at any of our collaborating clinics. WhatsApp or zoom consultations can occur with a few hours notice, or I can call you now!

Q: How quickly can I start IVF treatment abroad?

IVF treatment using own eggs and either partner or donor sperm can be started immediately after being seen for an initial consultation (either in person or via Skype). Treatment using donor eggs/sperm is determined by the individual needs of the patient. Technically, there are no waiting times other than getting you prepared for treatment, or if a specific type of ethnic egg or sperm donor is requested.

Q: What are the IVF success rates like in the clinics you work with?

The success rates are as good as anywhere else in the world including America. In fact we have treated couples who have come from the States after having had treatment there with no success, only to have them come here and be successful! IVF success rates will vary from clinic to clinic just as it does worldwide.

Q: What is the IVF cost of treatment in the clinics you work with?

Obviously, this is dependant on the type of treatment and whether you go to Greece, Spain, Portugal, or North Cyprus. Overall, Greece is less expensive, but remember that my services are included in any costs quoted with the clinics I work with and I rate them all equally. For IVF own eggs, prices start from €3,200 (euros) and egg donation starts from €5,500 (euros).

Q: How long do I need to be abroad for during my treatment?

If undergoing IVF with your own eggs then a stay of 14 to 16 days is advised while for an egg donation treatment, a stay of 10 days is best, although split visits are possible depending on your work commitments.

Q: Will flying after embryo transfer affect my chances of success?

No, we have had women fly home even on the day of their embryo transfer and been successful. However, we do suggest that if you have the time to relax as much as possible for a few days afterwards this can only be good!