Epigenetics; An introduction.

ivfprocessphoto_2For those couples that are having trouble in deciding whether to have egg or sperm donation or both, I would like to try and explain something that might help ease the decision making process.

The biggest worry for couples is that using either donor eggs or sperm “will not make the child mine,” and this of course is potentially a worry. However, what you must consider is that although there are three components that make up the potential child, once the embryo is in the recipients womb it starts to inherit his and her characteristics through the placenta, the uterine lining and so on. The paragraph below explains this in more detail.

Also consider this. Is a donor donating an egg/sperm or a child. The answer is simple. She is donating an egg as it is down to the sperm donor to create the embryo and from then on, the recipient will nurture and carry that embryo, imprinting that couples own features and personality into that child along the way. The child that emerges from the recipient will be totally different from the one that would have been born from the donor should she have carried it herself, also bearing in mind that the clinic will be matching the donor with the recipients height, blood groups, eye and hair colour, complexion and so on.

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