Advantages of IVF Treatment Abroad

Here are some more advantages of IVF Treatment Abroad:

stock_help-agent (1) Past patient chats – Take the opportunity to talk to someone that has been through what you are considering doing yourselves.
IVFTA are pleased to announce a new service where you can actually speak to past patients that have travelled abroad for treatment. This will allow you to hear their own experiences first hand and hopefully will be useful to you in helping you decide whether travelling to foreign climes is the right thing for you. These are real people; some of whom have been successful and others that have not. If you think this would be of benefit to you, we will definitely link you up.
IVF and Egg Donation clinics in Spain & Greece Highly rated IVF and Egg Donation clinics in Spain & Greece.
IVF Treatments in Spain, Portugal, North Cyprus and Greece working with selected clinics that compile high professional levels of services with competitive prices starting from 3,200 euros for IVF and 5,500 for egg donation.
IVF Treatment Abroad Success rates Success rates comparable to anywhere in the world.
Contact us for precise stats and graphs related to the success rates in regards to particular IVF Treatment or Egg Donation process, but for egg donation you are looking at around 78% clinical pregnancy success for each first time embryo transfer.
IVF Treatment Abroad English speaking staff English speaking staff.
Apart from having your own personal Fertility Nurse available 7 days a week, many of the personnel in the chosen clinics either trained or worked at hospitals or fertility centres in the UK or specialized in the field using English language.
IVF waiting lists No waiting lists.
Donors of most ethnic origins are available at most of the clinics we work with so start times for treatment are very quick.
Your own fertility specialist coordinating your treatment.
Ruth Pellow is a specialized Fertility Nurse with more than 30 years of experience in the field. She will be at your service before, during and after the course of the treatment. You will be provided with a detailed treatment plan and advised what to do, when to do it and how, every step of the way.
IVF Treatment Abroad service includes no extra cost Available 7 days a week and usually after clinical hours.
The IVF Treatment Abroad service costs you just 250 euros with no hidden additional costs either from ourselves or your selected clinic.
Qualified in IVF Qualified in IVF since 1991.
Includes experience in the UK and in various Fertility Clinics in Spain and Greece.
IVF Prescriptions Prescriptions arranged with home delivery if needed.
IVF Treatment pricesExceedingly competitive prices.
Amongst a number of clinics offering IVF treatment and Egg Donation in Spain, Portugal, North Cyprus and Greece you will surely find the one that would match your budget.
Most donor types available.
Forms of IVFMost forms of IVF available
One to one donors One to one donors with proven fertility